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Frequently Asked Questions

Our soundpacks are always growing. It means that when any of our soundpacks gets new sounds, we will notify you by e-mail and you will be able to access new sounds via your account.

As we update our soundpacks, on monthly basis, we bring the prices up. However once you purchased any of the soundpacks you will be able to access updates with no additional costs.

All sounds come in 24bit, 48000Hz wav file format. This format is used on purpouse to ensure compatibility with most video and music editing software.

99% of all video and music production software accepts .wav file format. Therefore, all sounds provided by Duende Sounds are complaient with video editing software of your choice. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Yes it is. You may use our sounds with videos that you make for your client. You may NOT, however, re-sell or re-destribute our sounds or music in any way. For example, you are not allowed to sell stock videos that include our sounds, but you can create a promo trailer for one client with our sounds and then at different occasion another video for another client etc.

Once you have purchased, you will get an instant access to the downloadable files which are packed in a zip file. You will also have access to purchased soundpacks via your account on our site as well as download link in the e-mail that is sent to you automatically after the payment. It means that you can buy now and download at convinient time.

We are dedicated to provide the highest customer support.. If you have any questions or problems with the payment process or the sounds, please get in touch with us either via contact form, FB messanger or e-mail.